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am in my late 20s.
am a mix of ISFP and INFP.
am an occasional bitch.
am a hypocrite.
am bisexual.
am a feminist.
am a humanist.
am an atheist.
am pro-choice.
am the queen of wishful thinking.
am the holder of all unpopular opinions.
refuse to put up with anyone's shit.
fight for the underdog.
have no idea what I want to be when I grow up.
have an amazing family.
have amazing friends.
have an amazing boyfriend of over 5 years.
have two very adorable bunnies.
love my job.
sometimes let nostalgia get the best of me.
wear what I want.
write stuff but I don't let anyone read it.
dislike poetry.
tend to like things that no one else likes.
am a pop-punk junkie and my iPod music mix is kind of embarrassing but I love it.
also like cheesy pop.
patrick stump.
am an 'N Sync girl for life.
think Justin Timberlake will always be sexy.
am unabashedly mainstream when it comes to music.
love lyrics.
mainly shop at thrift stores.
often get into trends after they have gone out of style.
love both Star Trek and Star Wars.
love tofu.
am a horny drunk.
like to get tipsy alone.
hate commas.
love commas.

"whatever is ever said about me,
i torture myself 100 times worse.
ive said it meaner, sadder, and funnier.
the mere premise was i would endure."
-pete wentz

Upcoming concert lineup:
- Yellowcard - February 1
- Justin Timberlake - February 27
- Fall Out Boy - June 19 and 22 (projected)

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